While we work remotely a lot, from time to time it is good to meet physically in the office. That's why we have an office in the centre of Bratislava. It's not requested, it is a free opinion to come to the office.


Here are a few points to how it's going in the office.

👗 Dress code

We don't require any special dress code. You can wear literally anything you want (well, maybe a swim suit is too.. extraordinary :) ). We don't wear any fancy smokings nor irons. We like to wear what we consider to be comfortable.

⚽ Foosball matches

Work hard, play hard. We love our foosball matches and the spirit around them. However, we need to make sure not to interrupt anyone. That's why matches in office are allowed only immediately after the group lunch or after 17:00

🔊 Music

It is allowed to play your own music on speakers if all the coworkers are okay with that. If not, please use the headphones.

🥘 Lunch - group or alone

It is always nice to have a company during the lunch. We usually create small groups and explore Bratislava restaurants.

If you want to join anybody for a lunch, follow #luncheon channel on Slack.

If you want to lunch on your own, or just don't want to go to a restaurant, you can use our kitchen with the dinning table (in progress).

☕ Snacks & coffee

We provide snacks, coffee, fruits, fresh water and lemonade on a regular basis.

If there is anything you want to include in snacks, don't hesitate to ask our office manager.