For most of us, a sense of deep joy and accomplishment is possible when we experience flow, or focused work, and when we leave the workday with a sense of accomplishment.

The goal of these rules is to be less distracted and have more focused time for work and get it done quicker and better.

📏 General rules

⛔ Blockers

Do you need something from somebody to be able to continue your work? Maybe a decision, permission, question, etc?

If you think it is really important, use Slack over the face-to-face interaction to reach the target person. Don't expect immediate answer. Target person may have a focus time.

🐞 Bugs

If you find a bug, it usually doesn't have to be solved immediately, so don't use Slack to report it. Instead, add it to the ‣.

If it is a crucial error, like service outage, alarm the proper person ASAP.