In itrinity, we use "Daily Standup Meetings", known as "Daily planning".

No worries, it's not another "meeting" and you won't stand up in front of your colleges.

It's just a quick message in Slack thay you write on the beginning of a workday.


Here is an example of a daily planning message.

**Start of workday:** (what are you going to do today)

- [sw-map-tracking] google place api key's
- [sw-map-tracking] SERP classes and parsing of Map results

- [api-docs] API reponse field descriptions

**End of workday** (how it was going today) <reply to the morning message>:

- [sw-map-tracking] google place api_key's (progress)
- [sw-map-tracking] (BLOCKER) SERP classes and parsing of Map results (need help from @john))
- [incident] Fixed SCH featured snippet // only occasionaly 
- [devops] Deployed SCH hotfix // later will handle devops team

- [api-docs] API reponse field descriptions (no progress) // should not happen

- 1/2 unplanned day off // only in very special cases (ie family sh*ts)

Now, let's take a look at why we do this and how it works.

How it works

We use Slack with a dedicated channel @daily_planning for this purpose.

Start of a workday

In this channel, everyone shares their plans before they start working, in particular the ****answers to the following questions:

Group tasks by a project tag [MNGLS, UR...]