There is no doubt we need to protect our mother Earth. Here are a few rules you should follow when working in the office (of course you can apply it in your home too).

1. Avoid creating the waste

The best is to not to create the waste. Even separating and recycling your waste is highly energy insufficient.

Before you buy a drink in a PET bottle or ALU, think twice: Do you REALLY need it? Isn't it healthier to drink a pure water? Isn't food better in the restaurant than ordered and packed in a plastic box?

When using a paper towels on toilets, do you really need to use 3 of them? Use one but more preciously. :)

When it comes to drinks, we have really high quality tap water in the office. If you want ice-cold lemonade, our office manager will be happy to prepare it for you.

Consider using a Keep cup and non-plastic bags for your coffee and bakery to avoid creating waste. We issue one of these for our employees from time to time

2. Avoid one-timers

Again, think twice. Don't use plastic, wooden or paper dishes. Just really don't. We have plates, cutlery and cups for everyone. However, don't hesitate to bring your favorite one (if you want to).

3. Recycle the resources

Have you printed anything by mistake? Put it to the shelves, not to the trash bin. We can use it as a paper for sketches and notes later.

4. Separate your waste

You will find the trash bin for each of these in the office:

Please make sure you put all of your PET bottles, snack packages and drink cans to appropriate trash bin.

The mixed waste is the last resort!

5. Don't run the heating or air conditioning unless absolutely necessary

If it is, always close the doors and windows to make air conditioning work properly.